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Medical Internet – SD WAN


The Challenges:

Jacaranda Family Practice is a medical practice located at Wyoming on the Central Coast. Medical practices are heavily reliant on internet connections for many functions such as pathology results download, online booking, VoIP telephone systems

With the recent addition of Telehealth and E-prescriptions on the way reliable Internet Communications is a must for any medical practice. “If the internet is down the practice grinds to a halt!”

The Solution:

The solution was to install an SD-WAN (software defined) capable internet router. This new technology is a game changer for internet connectivity. The first challenge that it overcomes is the ability to seamlessly fail over to a 4G backup system. You can literally yank the primary connection out of the router and a VoIP phone conversation will stay up and online with out missing a beat. The device is also great at classifying high priority traffic such as voice and video. These rules can also be adjusted on the fly as needs change.

The Outcomes:

  • Robust and resilient internet connection
  • High quality voice and voice traffic
  • Ability to monitor which devices are utilising which applications and services
  • Peace of mind that the internet will just work!

March 2, 2020