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Distributed Office Phone System

The Challenges:

Del Rio Riverside Resort is a large holiday park located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River near Wisemans Ferry. The location is challenging and remote.

Due to capacity issues and telstra outages Del Rio Riverside Resort was losing thousands of dollars in bookings as customers were not able to get through to make bookings and payments

  • Only 2 incoming lines often calls went unanswered
  • No voicemail or after hours announcements

The current phone system was a traditional PSTN phone line system. One of the problems faced was that the Wisemans Ferry telephone exchange would often fail due to storms, fire or equipment failure. These outages have lasted for days at a time.

The Solution:

The solution was to install a new hosted VoIP based telephone system. The system sits on top of a newly upgraded local network with multiple paths to the Internet. A massive advantage of this system is that operators can located anywhere there is an internet connection.

For example one Reception staff member can now work from home at Terry Hills taking bookings. During peak times freeing up reception to focus on Face to Face check-ins and customer interactions.

This has also been invaluable when local communications go down staff in other geographical locations can man the phones until services are restored at the resort.

  • Up to date phone system with the latest feature
  • Softphone capable – take reception calls on the mobile phone
  • Physical Desk phones can be installed in other locations ie home office

The Outcomes:

  • A professional greeting when customers call in
  • Extra capacity to take multiple calls at once
  • A queuing system to route calls
  • Reporting of call statistics to roster staff accordingly
  • Full records on incoming and outgoing phone numbers.
  • Easy to use system
  • Access to Australian Support staff

February 19, 2020